Who is Grupa KN?

Due to the sheer number of humans on the plant (over seven billion), to live a long and healthy live we need to take care of the environment. Whatever you do in life, whether you are a producer or a consumer (or both) - you need clean water and air. Grupa KN designs solutions tailored specifically to your needs. To accomplish this, we are listening to you with a great attention. By working with us you will receive the most appropriate solution - designed just for you!

Our team is composed of excellent professionals in the field of environmental protection, water treatment, air purification and wastewater treatment. We are armed with knowledge gained over the years from technical universities and project implementations. In addition, our team travels the world searching for the latest products of the highest quality. You can contact us in the following languages: Polish, English, Spanish and French.


We also have at your disposal a wealth of experience & facilities from our partners:


WesTech – Process Equipment – Proces Driven 

With over 40 years on the market, WesTech engineers and manufactures process equipment to provide solutions for customers in the industrial, mineral, municipal water, and municipal wastewater industries. Leaders in process expertise, WesTech helps design and build small scaled projects to large scale systems that require seamless integration in customers specifications. The technologies they advance and apply benefit not only customers, but society as a whole. WesTech has also become a leader in developing efficient and intelligent solutions for liquid/solids separation. 

S.C.M. Tecnologie - Aeration and Mixing  

 S.C.M. Tecnologie designs and produces systems for the aeration and mixing of civil and industrial liquids: submersible aerators, surface aerators, submersible mixers, vertical mixers, diffusers. The result of consolidated design processes, S.C.M. Tecnologie’s products are known throughout the world for their quality and performance. The company’s use of high quality certified raw materials and rigorous checks during the production process ensure compliance with high standards.

We would like to share with you our experience and provide advice in the broad spectrum of topics related to water. That's why we are looking forward to your inquires!

You can e-mail us:  kontakt@grupakn.pl

You can call us:

tel. +48 22 350 69 46, 

tel. +48 22 350 69 37

You can fax us: +48 22 350 69 36

FB: Grupa KN 

You can also videoconference us via Skype. ID: karolina.2nadolska

Grupa KN, ul. Warsa i Sawy 21, 05-840 Domaniew, Poland

NIP: 5342512510, REGON: 363493719



We identify with the WesTech philosophy: