Lithium based Grease Vulcan Mischerfett 4060 for Mixers with Draft Tubes

The Vulcan Mischerfett 4060 grease is especially intended for WesTech, MAN, Halberg, Sterling, Herman Traexler Type Mixers as well as others with a draft tube lubricated by central lubrication systems and equipped with lip seals. It is suitable for the methane environment, for bearings with variable loads and for lip seals requiring continuous lubrication. It works perfectly with central lubrication systems equipped with the WOERNER pumps.

 The characteristics of the Vulcan Mischerfette 4060 lubricant:

 * Tailored to specific solutions: grease specially designed for mixers with draft tubes;

* Convenient to use: selected for feeding automatic lubrication systems with Woerner pumps;

* Can be pumped over long distances: suitable for work at high pressure of 350 bar and more;

* Resistant to specific conditions - even the methane environment;

* Guaranteeing tightness: ensuring long-lasting and effective work of lip seals (weather conditions – temp. range from – 40 °C to +120 °C)

* For humid environments: it does ensures optimal sealing of bearings in extremely humid conditions;

* Reduces friction: perfectly lubricates bearings working with variable load;

* Extends bearing life: contains additives to improve corrosion protection;  

* Adheres to the entire surface: increased adhesion and pressure resistance of the lubricating film;

* Safe against clogging: even for piping with small diameters;

* Does not require mixing;

* Durable and stable over a very long period of time;

* Fulfilling the highest quality requirements: NLGI CLASS 000 

Accessories - Mobile kit for 18 kg to 30 kg grease barrels:

It is set to work with the grease pump by efficiently and safe filing in grease in the grease pump container of the mixer. Thanks to this portable device, we can hold a supply of grease in any convenient place and later easily and safely transport the grease barrels to their destination.


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