Floating Mixers

Floating Mixers

Aqua Vir Mixer

Ideal for high speed mixing and foam breaking

Power: from 1,5 kW to 22 kW, Speed: 1500 rpm 

Aqua Vir mixers are ideal for tanks up to 7.0 m depth, foam breaking, dense sludge and heavy sediments mixing. They are widely used in compensating reservoirs, sewage tanks, pumping stations, sludge tanks and wherever an intensive stream of liquids needs to be created to break-up clumping pollutants.

Aqua Vir pumps the fluid axially downwards. The jet stream is reflected from the bottom of the tank and returns to the surface along the outer walls of the tank. This heavy circulation creates on the surface positive liquid movement towards the center of the tank (the mixer). Again, surface liquid with foam is sucked in by the impeller. The specific design of the impeller makes this operation much easier and eliminates exasperating clogging problems.

Operations are very simple and economical. Mixer’s floaters enable installation in any chosen place of the tank without interrupting work or emptying the tank.

Aqua Vir is especially recommended for the removal of nitrogen and phosphorus in the processes of nitrification, denitrification and dephosphatation. They enable easy modernization of existing technologies with simultaneous biogens removal.

Please see Grupa KN Aqua Vir floating aerator at work:


Please see Grupa KN Aqua Vir floating aerator successfully breaking thick foam: 

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