Floating mixer rentals

Floating mixers from 1,5 kW to 22 kW - very efficient in disposing of thick foams

Thanks to the light floating construction our mixers are easy to work with even in already functioning tank.

Rental is an ideal solution in the event of failure of existing mixers when the timing is vital, necessity of mixing installation in hard-to-reach places where mixing with other systems does not reach, mixing of sludge before pumping and drowning of the resulting foam and scum. Wherever conditions are difficult and conventional submersible mixers have no cooling and clog themselves frequently, we also recommend rental. 

The advantages of renting Grupa KN Mixers include:

- Reduction or end to penalties for environmental pollution.

- Any rental period – minimum of 7 days.

- Client’s investment is limited to zero.

- No down payment.

- VAT invoices issued every month reduce taxes.

- No draining of tanks for assembly.

- Flexibility - one or more devices available right away.

- Possibility of replacing the whole system or providing additional support.

- Simple and fast assembly. 

Link to video showing the assembly and operation of the Grupa KN mixers ensuring proper mixing of the denitrification phase:


Please see Grupa KN Aqua Vir floating aerator successfully breaking thick foam: 

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