Surface aerators

Surface aerators

Floatable Surface Aerators - Model: Aqua Vulcan

Power: from 1,5 kW to 90 kW, Oxygen transfer: from 4 to 260 kgO2/h. 

Compact and ingeniously easy to install floatable surface aerators are intended primarily for tanks with variable levels of sewage and requiring intensive mixing.

The oxygen absorption takes place as a result of the interaction of the ejected stream over surface of the wastewater which is then forced into the tank. The intense vertical circulation of the air molecules rapidly moving in the mixed liquid significantly increases the degree of aeration. Our floating aerators can be easily moved to different places of the tank as well as to other tanks.

Versatility: Aqua Vulcan can be used in nitrification, sludge stabilization, flotation, in variety of tanks such as retention reservoirs and storm wastewater tanks. Often used also in pumping stations and pre-treatment of sewage.

Mobility: due to its small size and weight Aqua Vulcan can be placed in any convenient place in the tank. Its installation is quick and easy. Aqua Vulcan  does not require any additional platforms which saves time and does not interrupt the treatment processes.

High oxygen transfer: Aqua Vulcan works like a pump, sucking the sewage and sludge mixture through the suction cone. Its impeller pumps axially upwards through the cylindrical body, changing the direction of flow from axial to radial, guaranteeing the maximum use of the kinetic energy of the liquid. Aqua Vulcan efficiency does not change over time.

Intensive mixing: thanks to the high efficiency of the pump aerator and the circulation effect, the entire volume of the tank is very intensely mixed. Costs also decrease because we can dispose of additional mixers. Proper mixing is the basis for the efficient delivery of substrates and air to the entire activated sludge.

Durable construction: the device's hydraulics are made entirely of stainless steel which guarantees its very long life even in the most demanding applications such as aggressive environment and high temperatures. We guarantee excellent reliability.  

Extensive range of machinery applications: aerators’ engines are available from 1,5kW to 55kW power which provides the opportunity to select the most appropriate unit for an existing tank and customer’s needs.

Low installation and operational cost: Aqua Vulcan produced by Grupa KN in Poland are simple and easy in installation and operation. No additional installations, pipelines, blowers and buildings are required. Maintenance is limited to one or two lubrications per year.


Please see Grupa KN 15kW Aqua Vulcan floating aerators at work:


Please see Grupa KN 30kW Aqua Vulcan floating aerators at work:


Please see Grupa KN 18,5kW Aqua Vulcan floating aerators at work:


Please see Grupa KN 7,5kW Aqua Vulcan floating aerators at work:

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